Oil Change near Asbury
Your car means a lot to you, so give it the service it deserves. Schedule an oil change at the proper intervals near Asbury, Pennsylvania. It’s one of the most important routine tasks that your service technician can tackle that will keep your vehicle running well for years to come. Let Interstate Mitsubishi answer some of the most common questions about oil changes right here.
When Should I Schedule an Oil Change?
Oil changes should be performed after your car has been on the road for 5,000 to 7,500 miles. That’s the current standard for cars when it comes to oil changes. It’s best to consult with your service technician and your owner’s manual to be sure, but this is our general ballpark figure.
After six months of use is another rule to follow. If your car requires synthetic oil, you may be able to wait until the 10,000-mile marker. Make sure that you check your owner’s manual to see if your car uses synthetic instead of conventional oil.
Why Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

You’ve heard all the talk about oil changes for cars and know that they’re important, but why do they need to be done? Let’s start with the basics. The oil in your car moves between the engine and other associated parts to enable your car to drive in a smooth fashion.

While driving around Asbury, the oil absorbs all the dirt and debris it rides through on the road. After many miles, the oil becomes tainted with all this matter and cannot lubricate the parts under the hood. Your car may lack the performance it once had and could show you this by making knocking noises or emitting a burning smell.

Do Oil Changes Take a Long Time?

Oil changes come easy to our experienced service technicians. They can perform the procedure along with several other routine tasks. If you schedule only an oil change, the procedure should take under an hour. If you add other tasks to the to-do list, it will take a longer time to get your car back in shape.

A standard oil change entails replacing the oil with fresh oil and the filter, which may be soiled from the usage. New oil looks gold and transparent while older oil is dark, sludgy, and oily, making it ineffective in helping the parts under the hood move smoothly.


Can’t I Just Add More Oil?
If you’re able to check the dipstick of your car, you may notice that it is low on oil. In that case, you may be interested in picking up a bottle of motor oil near your home in Asbury. Both auto parts stores and discount retailers stock this item that you may have waiting on a shelf in your garage.
While you may think adding oil will eliminate the need for an oil change, it cannot substitute this vital service. An oil change involves replacing the oil and the filter while adding new oil to the old, which will just create an ineffective slurry.
Schedule an Oil Change near Asbury
You count on your car for many things, and it deserves the very best care. Make sure that you schedule an oil change at the right time near Asbury, PA. Your car will then reward you with fantastic performance. Book an oil change near Asbury today at Interstate Mitsubishi.