Welcome to Our Mitsubishi Finance Center

Welcome to the Interstate Mitsubishi finance department, the gateway to owning your dream car with ease and confidence. Understanding the nuances of car financing is easier with our dedicated team—we will navigate the journey together. Our experience and programs will help make your next car-buying process simple.

Whether you're eyeing the latest Mitsubishi models or seeking a dependable pre-owned vehicle, our expertise makes your path to ownership seamless and personalized. We aim to have you confidently enjoying the streets of Jackson, McKean, and Erie, Pennsylvania, with a stylish Mitsubishi!
Our Expert Finance Team

At the heart of our finance department is a team of seasoned professionals well-versed in the art and science of automotive financing. Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that each client's financial situation is handled with care and precision.

We believe in building relationships, not just transactions. Hence, our finance specialists take the time to understand your needs, guiding you through various financing options while demystifying the jargon. They are committed to finding a finance plan and tailoring one that aligns with your lifestyle. We’ve established a vast network of lenders to provide more options for you, letting you choose the loan that you’re most comfortable with.

Finance Experts
Online Financing
Getting Started Online

Embracing modern technology, Interstate Mitsubishi offers a streamlined online process to kickstart your financing journey. Our user-friendly website provides easy-to-navigate tools that allow you to apply for financing from home. This digital approach isn’t just about convenience; it’s about empowering you with information and control over your financing decision.

By filling out our simple online application, you can get pre-approved, giving you a clearer picture of your options and the confidence to shop for your Mitsubishi with certainty. If you plan on trading in a car toward your dream Mitsubishi, you can estimate its value online and come to our showroom prepared.
Leasing Your Mitsubishi

For those who prefer the flexibility of changing cars every few years or who desire lower monthly payments, leasing a Mitsubishi could be the perfect option. Our finance team excels in crafting lease agreements that match your driving habits and financial goals. Leasing your next car means enjoying the latest models with advanced features, often at a more affordable rate than purchasing. Plus, at the end of your lease term, you can return the vehicle, lease a new one, or purchase the one you've grown to love. Our team will be there at every step, ensuring a streamlined transition, no matter what you choose.

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At Interstate Mitsubishi, we understand that car financing is a significant decision. We're committed to providing a transparent, straightforward, and supportive experience in Jackson, McKean, and Erie, PA. Our finance department is more than just a segment of our dealership; it's a crucial part of our mission to deliver customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We invite you to visit us online or in-person to start your journey. With Interstate Mitsubishi, your dream car is within reach, and owning it is smoother than you think. Contact us today!