Our Community Involvement
Our commitment to making a meaningful impact goes beyond our showroom here at Interstate Mitsubishi. It extends into the heart of the neighborhoods that make our dealership a home, from McKean to Erie and Ashburn or Jackson, Pennsylvania.
While part of what drives us is to set up families, business owners, and all our local drivers with a car they will love, we are also driven by giving back to help with the work others are doing to make our communities a place we are proud to call home. Here is a look at some ways we get involved with our community.
Sponsoring the Erie Otters Hockey Team
Sports possess a unique power to unite people. Beyond the thrill of competition, it fosters camaraderie, instills values of discipline and teamwork, and inspires individuals to push beyond their limits. It also has a way of resonating deeply with the human spirit, creating everlasting memories for all ages.
By attending a game at Erie Insurance Arena to see our hometown Otters take on the competition, locals can experience just that. Whether attending a game with the little ones as they aspire to grow up to be athletes themselves or with your group of friends enjoying some snacks from the concession stands as you cheer on the Otters, we know how valuable these life moments can be.
That is why we are proud to sponsor the Erie Otters. Ultimately, we value having places where our community can come together and enjoy themselves in safe and fun environments.
Fostering the Next Generation of Community Leaders
We are also always looking to help support the nurturing of future generations. That is why we look to give back to schools in our area that are doing amazing things both in and outside of the classroom. Currently, we have partnered with both of these schools:
  • Cathedral Preparatory School
  • McDowell High School
At Cathedral Preparatory School, a college preparatory Catholic school, they are all about helping students be set for success as they make a positive difference in the world and their local communities. Their mission is to develop the spirit, mind, and body of students.
At McDowell High School, they offer a range of competitive sports for students to participate in. They also strive to set them up for success after graduation, whether that involves higher education, serving in the military, or joining the workforce. Ultimately, by supporting our local schools, we can help to invest in building a brighter, equitable future for our communities and the world at large.
Making a Difference, Mile by Mile
As you can see, our team here at Interstate Mitsubishi is proud to help leave a positive imprint on our local McKean, Erie, Ashburn, and Jackson, PA communities. Whether it's sponsoring local organizations or education opportunities, we invite you to join us in celebrating the community spirit that fuels our journey.
We can also help you get involved in the community by having the right vehicle for the cause. Stop by our dealership today and learn more about our vehicles for sale!